====== Welcome ====== At this site you will find lots of information about the famous russian singer of the 1960s and 1970s Larissa Mondrus. This site is maintained by close friends and family members of Larissa's and offers a biography, a discography, a photo section and a forum for fans to exchange their ideas and thoughts. <html><br/><br/></html> This web site offers the following pages: * **[[pictures|Pictures]]**: This page contains several galleries with assorted pictures. * **[[video|Videos]]**: Videos of Larissa's music clips and TV show appearances can be found on this page. * **[[press|Press]]**: You can find press articles about Larissa in this section. * **[[discography|Discography]]**: A listing of all records of Larissa is given on this page. * **[[guestbook|Guestbook]]**: Please leave your comments in the guestbook! Please use the links at the top bar to navigate through the web site. <html><br/><br/></html> {{:gallery:gal_old:lara.jpg?160}} {{:gallery:gal_old:lara_egil_klavier.jpg?156}} {{:gallery:gal_old:stage3.jpg?170}} {{:gallery:gal_old:egil_lara2.jpg?187}}